Here we go…

Your feelings, they matter. A lot. They deserve to be heard because they wont go anywhere until they are. This is what learned recently, it took me 5 years to realise it but I am allowed express how i feel even if it is feelings of sadness, even if it seems to be out of nowhere. Your thinking brain keeps you going it keeps you “doing” and thats great its a way of coping and moving forward but your feelings in the back of your brain doesnt get a chance to have their moment. So this is their stage, 5 years later.

5 years ago? I was 20 years old and diagnosed with lymphoma. Even now I dont say it, none if us do, it is a bit like when noone can say Voldemorts name and it does Harrys head in so… Cancer. I had cancer, totally out of blue, for no known reason. In this blog I will be talking about this experience, the good and bad purely so my own heart can finally accept it and maybe one day someone other than me might read this, but if one person gets something from it, well that will be pretty special wont it?